2024 Open Enrollment General Information

Who are the medical insurance vendors for 2024? 
Anthem Blue Cross (Anthem) and Kaiser Permanente (Kaiser) will remain the 2024 health vendors. 

Are there any changes to the medical plans for 2024?
The Anthem Senior Secure Medicare (HMO) with Senior Rx Plus plan will be retired December 31, 2023. Current enrollees will be automatically transitioned to the Anthem Medicare Preferred (PPO) plan and your non-Medicare dependents will remain in the Anthem Traditional HMO plan unless you wish to request changes.   

What factors are used to determine the medical insurance rates each year?
We are seeing higher than average healthcare increases this year for a variety of reasons including inflation, COVID-19, labor shortages, provider negotiations, rising medical costs, and medical and pharmacy claims. If you have questions about your 2024 coverage, please join one of the scheduled webinars or schedule a personal appointment with Anthem or Kaiser. The appointment schedule and links are posted on the Open Enrollment website. 

Are there any changes to the Dental and Vision plans?
No. There are no changes to Dental or Vision for 2024. 

Can I submit my Open Enrollment form electronically?
Yes! Open Enrollment change forms can be submitted electronically through your Member Direct account at https://memberdirect.sjretirement.com (click Member Portal Login on the website). Please note for some changes, such as adding a new spouse or dependent, additional documents are required. These additional documents can be mailed through U.S. postal service, dropped off at the ORS, or scanned and emailed to SJROpenEnrollment@SanJoseca.gov. (ORS cannot accept photos of your form, we can only accept scanned copies). Please include your full name in the subject line when sending emails. 

If I want to keep all my coverages the same as I have right now, what do I need to turn in?
You are required to submit a form if you want to make a change to your insurance coverage OR if you are re-enrolling in the In-Lieu Credit Program which requires a new enrollment form every year. 

I am adding a dependent to my coverage, what should I send in?
If you are adding a new dependent, we only need their birth certificate if they are your natural child. For other dependents, we need their birth certificate AND:  

1) copies of your filed, stamped court papers for a guardianship or an adoption.  

2) a copy of your marriage license for new a spouse.  

3) a copy of your state issued Certificate of Domestic Partnership for a Domestic Partner.  

In addition to the supporting documents listed above, you will need to complete and submit the Open Enrollment form (INS801).  

My child is 19, can they still be covered under my medical, dental, and vision insurance? 
Yes, your dependent children can now remain on your insurance coverages as follows:  

  • DeltaCare HMO and all Medical plans until age 26  
  • Delta Dental PPO and VSP vision insurance until age 24  

The coverage will be terminated at the end of their birth month when they are no longer eligible. To add dependent children to your coverages you must submit an Open Enrollment form (INS801).   

What is Health In-Lieu (HIL) and Dental In-Lieu (DIL)?
If you are eligible to enroll in medical and/or dental insurance but you choose to not take the insurance through the City of San José, you can enroll in the Health In-Lieu or Dental In-Lieu credit program. Credits can be used toward future medical premiums. In-Lieu credit cannot be paid out in cash. Enrollment in the In-Lieu credit program does not carryover from year-to-year automatically. You must re-enroll for In-Lieu every year by submitting an Open Enrollment form (INS801). 

When will my new insurance cards arrive?
New insurance cards will arrive by the end of January 2024. If you need your new card before it arrives in the mail, please contact the provider and they can issue a temporary card. Please note, you will only get new cards if you are changing to a new medical insurance provider. Additionally, cards are only issued for medical insurance not for dental and vision coverage. 

I have other questions; how can I get them answered?
Kaiser and Anthem hold webinars and office hours weekly! Please visit the “Webinars & Appointments” section for more information on dates and times. You can also email SJROpenEnrollment@sanjoseca.gov, call ORS at: (408) 794-1000, or toll-free at (1-800) 732-6477.